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杭州夜网Suresh Thakur dropped another


杭州夜网Suresh Thakur dropped another batch of potato patties, known as batata vada, into the cooking oil that had been sizzling in a massive iron pan since early morning. He’d already shaped the patties, made with mashed potato mixed with masala spices, green chilli and, occasionally, finely chopped raw onion, into near perfect spheres, and dipped […]

杭州夜生活But the rail unions


杭州夜生活France’s rail network has been severely disrupted, as a wave of strikes against President Emmanuel Macron’s labour reforms gets under way. The start of the strike has been dubbed “Black Tuesday”, but the action will spread over three months, affecting two days in every five. Staff at state railway SNCF are leading the strike, but […]